January: Sashiko, Boro, and Beautiful Mending

That’s it guys, another year gone by and here we are ready to hit 2017 at full speed ahead!

As readers will know, in December I was focusing on the thriftier side to Christmas. That is, as I do most years, I made all my Christmas gifts and this year I shared with you some of my makes and artists to look up for beautiful handmade items. I hope if you tried any out that they went down as well with your recipients as mine did. I have already had re-orders put in for my Damson Rum for next year, and if anyone asks, no I haven’t got another bottle on the go and ready to drink in a few months…

But even if you aren’t cash-strapped like me at the moment, the full-on blowout of Christmas and the New Year party season can leave the finances a little worse for wear. And for some of us the early Christmas pay cheque, so welcome before Christmas Eve, can make January a very long month financially.

Wow, look at that – one tiny paragraph about a post-Christmas lack of funds and I can already feel the depression monster stirring. That is certainly not where I am going with this.

The point I am attempting to make is that as a result of this line of thought, and a mountain of projects that fit the bill, I have decided to turn January into ‘Make Do and Mend’ Month. That means lots of posts about repairing all those old clothes that you have lying around and just can’t bear to part with.

It also means I get to focus on some of my favourite stitching techniques, Sashiko and Boro. Not only do these two traditional Japanese practices incorporate the act of mending into their practice, but they also embody the simplicity of the cultural aesthetic.

So, with 2017 underway, let’s start as we mean to go on and get creative!

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