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Night Shadows: December at the No.1 Ladies Photography Group

So last month I wrote about the fun I had on a recent night-time photo-walk playing with long exposures and the fabulous effects you could make taking images of Christmas lights (see that post here). Well it wasn’t all fun and games and some serious photography was on the agenda as well. Specifically, I found that I was not drawn to the bright lights, but the soft shadows on the walls. So it was all about the shadow photography this time out.

What Do You See?

So much about photography is not about the set up of the camera, or the choice of lighting, etc. Those are all technical aspects that can be learned over time. They can help you achieve the shot that you want, and I have been so grateful for my time working at Gainsborough Artworks with the wonderfully talented Dawn Jutton, for imparting so much information in this respect, but they cannot teach you how to see the subject matter to shoot.

As we walked into town on the bitterly cold Monday evening this week I was chatting to one of the other members of the club about how her husband cannot understand why she wants to take pictures of the pavement and old brick walls. She used the word ‘weird’ to describe her viewpoint.

I couldn’t necessarily disagree. But then if we all took photos of the same things then wouldn’t that be an insanely dull world! I explained how I was completely the same, and that I had come back from New Orleans last year with a whole series just of doorways, and another of pylons. It may be weird to some, but it is simply viewing the world through an artistic lens. Seeing shape, form, and beauty in the seemingly mundane or unusual.

Weird is Good

For instance, this image of these lonely lights atop a shop along the high street were a real find. And once I had noticed one set, I noticed several more; just sat there, abandoned in a crumpled heap, switched on but not stretched out to reveal their true beauty.

If you have seen my Instagram recently then you may well know that my current obsession is light. Well, light and shadows really; the quiet interplay upon a surface. As such I was wandering into town on my second night-time photo-walk with an agenda to document this wherever I could.

Shadow Photography

The Christmas lights offer some illumination and create some fabulous patinas upon the walls, however, it is generally the street lights, standing solidly all year round that do much of the work in this respect. So here is a selection of some of my favourite images from the two photo walks I have recently been on:

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So that’s my ‘weird’ photography obsession at the moment, let me know what yours is in the comments.

The No.1 Ladies Photography Group meets every first Monday of the month. All are welcome, and we’d love to see some new faces and meet other enthusiastic women photographers. See Gainsborough Artworks for more details.

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