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October: It’s All About Drawing

If you’ve visited the site before, you may have seen my post about life drawing and how useful I have found it to get me back in the creative mindset. But recently I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my work. I sit in front of that dreaded blank page and the thought of making a mark sparks rigidity in my digits, and floods me with self-doubt. It’s that little voice again, ‘you can’t draw!’

Well, you know what? That voice needs to do one! Because I can draw. And do you know why? Because everyone can draw.

Yes, that’s right, everyone!

Even if the thought of drawing a stick man fills you with a sickness akin to having to defuse a nuclear bomb, it doesn’t matter, because drawing is not about creating hyper realism with a pencil, it is simple about making a mark, and perhaps a few more, and expressing yourself.

The thing we tend to forget with drawing, myself included, is that it is not about the end product, but the process. It is the act of drawing, the act of using a mark making tool to express what is in front of you that is important. And if you surrender to that freedom of thought and approach then you will be infinitely surprised and delighted by your results.

This is all very well, but as I said earlier, I have become increasingly frustrated with my own drawing process recently. Like Alice, I give myself very good advice, but very seldom follow it. So, for once I am going to pledge to break that tradition and take my own advice, create my own drawing mantra to take forward.

And what better month to do that than October?

Well, exactly. As you may, or may not be aware, October is the month of The Big Draw, an international festival of drawing that encourages everyone to take part and reap the benefits of drawing. Check out their website to see if there are any events near you.

October is also InkTober. A great idea, which was only recently brought to my attention, where you are challenged to create an ink drawing every day of the month. Again, see the website for more info, and a great list of drawing prompts for every day. Once you have completed your daily drawing upload it to your social media and hashtag ‘inktober’.

So, seeing as I was having to reassess my own approach to drawing to get back on track, it seemed fitting to get involved with these two projects both running this month. So if you are interested in learning more about drawing; the process, inspirations, other artist’s practice, and different techniques, then keep an eye on the blog this month as I have lots of great stuff in store.

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