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Ready, Steady, Shoot: October’s No.1 Ladies Photography Meeting

So this month at the No.1 Ladies Photography Group at Gainsborough Artworks it was all about food! The new format of the group sees us set a brief each month with a particular subject to explore. For October, in-line with an autumnal harvest theme, food was the focus. At first this left me a little bewildered, I’d Instagrammed my food before (we’re all guilty of that, right?) but never really thought about it in any other capacity. But that is the beauty of photography, and something which  ...

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October: It’s All About Drawing

If you’ve visited the site before, you may have seen my post about life drawing and how useful I have found it to get me back in the creative mindset. But recently I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my work. I sit in front of that dreaded blank page and the thought of making a mark sparks rigidity in my digits, and floods me with self-doubt. It’s that little voice again, ‘you can’t draw!’ Well, you know what? That voice needs to do one! Because I can draw. And do you know why?  ...

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How To Make Damson Rum – Simple 3 Ingredient Recipe

So this post was supposed to be about making Damson Gin, however, as I stood in the supermarket in the drinks aisle looking at an empty shelf of own-brand gin (the cheapest variety), it was clear that everyone else seemed to be onto the same idea. Either that or there are a lot of budget gin drinkers in my local area… So I had to improvise, because alcohol is expensive and I am all about making things on a budget, and I had a bumper crop of damsons this year from my recent visit to  ...

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Autumn Afternoon At Doxey Wood Cottage

Any creative person knows the vital importance of good materials to create quality work. And it is also a known truth that often the preparation for creative endeavours takes much longer than you think. If, like me, you like to give Christmas gifts with a more personal feel (yes, I am sorry, I know it’s still September, but I am going to have to mention the ‘C’ word), you need to be super prepared and think ahead. It requires planning to ensure that you aren’t sat  ...

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