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Interview: David Paul Gleeson Talks About His Prize-Winning Drawing, Triple Self

I am sat in one of my favourite little cafes in Stafford deep in conversation about artistic practice. ‘You should struggle, if you are not struggling why bother? It’s the struggle that makes it worth it.’ David Paul Gleeson is telling me as we veer into discussing wider artworks, as well as his own style and approach to work. The Struggle Modern art and drawing invites people to be included, he tells me. It creates a sense of empathy that aligns the onlooker with the artist/artistic, with  ...

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Reasons You Should Try Life Drawing

‘Do you know your problem?’ my tutor asked me one day about halfway through my Foundation Art course. I looked quizzically back as he was thumbing his way through my latest sketchbook where I had, under his instruction, completed some drawings of the large wax and newspaper sculptural pieces that I had been working on. ‘You can’t draw!’ he exclaimed before the exhalation of a cynical snort of laughter. This was a devastating blow. I had always thought of myself as an able drawer and had  ...

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7 Drawing Exercises to Try

Do you ever go start a drawing and just sit there frozen in the blindingly reflected light of that blank white paper? It’s OK, it happens to us all. And the unfortunate thing is it can become a crippling barrier to ever getting that pencil/pen down on paper. Drawing, like any craft or art, is a muscle that needs to be used. Otherwise it will get stiff, cease up, and whither. But the great thing is, that even if that has happened to you – and if I am honest, my drawing muscles are in a state  ...

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Ready, Steady, Shoot: October’s No.1 Ladies Photography Meeting

So this month at the No.1 Ladies Photography Group at Gainsborough Artworks it was all about food! The new format of the group sees us set a brief each month with a particular subject to explore. For October, in-line with an autumnal harvest theme, food was the focus. At first this left me a little bewildered, I’d Instagrammed my food before (we’re all guilty of that, right?) but never really thought about it in any other capacity. But that is the beauty of photography, and something which  ...

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